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10 Bright Decor Ideas with Modern Floor and Table Lamps

In a decorating project lamps are not only an essential piece to a well-lit room, but they also make a big impact on a home’s overall look and feel. Currently, the market offers a wide range of lamps, each one created in order to fit perfectly in any interior design project. From modern to classic, from rustic to mid-century, no matter what your favorite style is. Illuminate your space and amplify your style with these tips by Modern Floor Lamps!


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#1 The Importance of Lighting


Without proper lighting, even the most stylish space isn’t truly complete. Every room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to set a mood and provide sufficient illumination. Table and floor lamps, which typically fall under the task lighting category, are especially important because they play both a functional and decorative role in your home.

#2 Complement Your Decor


Think of a lamp as part of the jewelry of a room, interior designer Judith Balis says: “You need to select the right piece to complement the rest of the room.” When choosing lamps, consider the style you’re going for in your home first. Is it traditional? Modern? Eclectic?

#3 Sleek Shades


If you are going for a modern or contemporary style, think simple and streamlined when selecting lamps. Currently in vogue, slim bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama to space without overpowering its other decor.

#4 Timeless Appeal


Shades with a tapered shape tend to blend well with traditional decor. Designer Katie Leavy paired an antique ceramic lamp with colorful Indian textiles and a Chinese wall hanging for a look that’s both worldly and classic.

#5 Choose Shades With Flair


If you want to add color or texture to a room, an interesting lampshade will add just the boost you are looking for. Look for a shade with a bold pattern, an interesting texture or decorative touches like beads or tassels.

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#6 Coordinate the Components


If you have a square base, try a square or rectangular shade. Around or drum-shaped shade works well with a round or bulb-shaped base while a conical shade is a good fit for a tall, thin base.

#7 Size It Up


Make sure the size of your lamp is appropriate for its location. You don’t want to put a massive lamp on a very small table. Likewise, a very small lamp will look out of place in a large room. As for the scale of the lamp itself, the shade should be one-half to three-fourths the size of the base and should hide the internal hardware of the lamp, Balis recommends.

#8 Translucent vs. Opaque


Another important factor to consider when choosing a lamp shade is how much light you need the lamp to cast. If you want the lamp to illuminate an entire room or provide light for reading, a translucent shade is the best choice.

#9 Proper Placement


After selecting the right lamps, deciding where to put them is just as important. Try to use floor lamps to illuminate corners and reading areas. Table lamps are great for filling out the rest of the room, she says.

#10 Up to Task


In any room, make sure the lighting you choose is sufficient for the tasks and activities you want to accomplish there. Designer Cindy Aplanalp illuminated this reading area with a gold floor lamp for an elegant look.

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Source: HGTV

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