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Covet International Awards: An Event You Don’t Want To Miss

2019 is the year you are going to have your design project awarded!

Covet International Awards is an event that is set to Elevate Design and Craftsmanship. This event was created with the purpose of celebrating and elevating the arts & crafts by distinguishing the most prestigious . If you’re curious, just keep reading!

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These  were also born from a passion to revive the arts that are clearly being forgotten, therefore, bringing their legacy to the contemporary world. CovetED has the privilege to announce that call for entries for the Covet International Awards, so let’s explore the essence of this great distinction.


The Organisers of this major event – Covet House and Br(h)ands Foundation-, share, as mentioned previously, the common mission of reviving ancient arts that are losing their place in the contemporary design world. With 15 years of experience in creating , which feature elements in the arts of filigree, tile, wood carving and others, Covet House has now a bigger mission than designing high-end furniture, they actually want to make sure that the knowledge of arts & crafts passes on from generation to generation.

Now let’s get right to it and know the reasons why one should participate in this honoring event for:

  • The overall winner will have Access to a twenty-eight square meter booth at the January edition of2019. Set and logistics will be offered and the recipient will have the opportunity to Showcase their signature style in a creative and welcoming ambiance.
  • All of the winners will showcase their projects to an audience of press, thinkers, makers and opinion leaders at the Covet International Awards in Paris, which will be taking place simultaneously with the second edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit.

Covet International Awards An Event You Don't Want To Miss 2

  • Furthermore, the winning submitted projects and its respective creators will have an exclusive article inand Best Interior Designers as well as an exclusive interview, which will be published on CovetED’s printed and online versions.
  • In the issue of January 2019, CovetED will present seven different covers in reference to the winning projects. This issue will be distributed in newsstands, luxury hotels, deluxe airport lounges and private clubs. Winners will also be featured in the first volume of the book Covet International Awards to be sold worldwide in June 2019 and a press release will be sent to an international audience of 10,000 worthy contacts.
  • In addition, all the winners will receive a certified issue from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and a special trophy will be awarded at the official gala in January 2019, in Paris.

Since the language of luxury design is currently a combination of craftsmanship and arts that tell a story of passion and emotion. Consequently, the Covet International Awards become this obvious solution to promote such a message to the world, recognizing skilledthat share the same values. To conclude, we remind everyone that entries for submitting projects close on 15th September 2018, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to elevate design and craftsmanship in the most singular way.

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