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Get a Mid-Century Modern Style with Floor Lamps

Do you want to learn how to create mid-century modern interiors using modern floor lamps? Mid-century modern style is on trend right now, fortunately. This style is the best known for its simple and clean lines and the use of wood.

Mid century modern style with floor lampsMid century modern style with floor lamps

Graphic patterns will be found for sure in a room inspired by this style so why not lighten them up with a gorgeous Turner floor lamp by Delightfull? It is an instant eye-catcher on a room: bold, extravagant and vintage looking.

Mid century modern style with floor lamps

This style screams for vintage pieces and of course, vintage lighting fixtures couldn’t be an exception. A lamp fixture with three legs is an example of a vintage fixture that will fit preciously on a mid century modern style.

Mid century modern style with floor lamps

The white walls will prioritize the staple pieces you want as the protagonist of the space you are decorating. This room, for example, lets this Viso Inc. floor lamp shine. The top has a globe form and its color white makes the room whiter and brighter; the light accentuates the elegance of this piece.

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Mid century modern style with floor lampsThis is a statement and illustrates the love for neutral and unique natural wood. The top is once more white and it will give more a diffuse light to the room mid century inspired that you put it in.

Mid century modern style with floor lamps

A big lamp with an arc figure and a shaped top would look great on a minimalist pallet of colors and furniture in a living room. This image really exists and it comes to life by Foscarini with their floor lamp Twiggy that comes in different colors and it will most definitely not be a product you want to miss.

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