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5 Home Improvements for the Fall with Modern Floor Lamps

The Right Time To Improve Your Home!

Today we bring you yet another set of amazing home improvement ideas featuring some incredible modern floor lamps.

There’s no right time to decide when you want to shake things up a bit when it comes to your home decor. That is like Christmas: is whenever a man wants, right? So we’ve decided to share some more decoration ideas with you, to inspire you to use beautiful floor lamps in your house. Because let’s be real for a second… Your whole room design looks better when you add that right floor lamp to it. It just does.

So, are you ready to see how you can improve your home design this Fall?

Let’s check it out!


Amongst the best home improvements you could think of, we always go back to the classics, simply because they’re just too good to let go of.

The Best Reading Light

The right floor lamp can definitely make up the best reading light for a cozy fall afternoon spent on the sofa, reading your favorite book. And with the Amy Floor Lamp and the Miles Standing Lamp by DelightFULL you’ll yearn for another reading hour.


Beautiful Decor Pieces

Probably one of the best things about floor lamps is their versatility. Not only are they super functional, but they also work great as decor items. Take at look at these two beautiful examples: the first one by DelightFULL (the Coltrane Standing Lamp) and the second one by designer Marcel Wanders (Space-Frame).

5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps

Amazing Statement Items

Sometimes the only thing your home design is lacking is that statement piece that will put everything together, bringing in the wow factor. And with the right floor lamp, you can totally achieve that. Let’s look at these two examples by DelightFULL.

5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps

That Splash of Colour Your Room Needed

Another great thing about floor lamps is that they also come in every color you can think of, so they end up being great to lighten up the traditional maroon and beige fall color scheme. And this colourful Marcel Wanders lamp will make you wish all your floor lamps were this cheerful!

5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps

Setting the Mood for Halloween

We couldn’t let this one slip. Halloween is just too close, and we’re just too excited about it. So, to set the mood for Halloween, there’s nothing better than choosing the right floor lamp to adorn your retro and spooky home. In this case, we chose DelightFULL’s Graphic Collection letter R, and you’ll totally understand why!

5 Home Improvements for the Fall With Modern Floor Lamps


Hope you liked. Feel free to pin the images to your favorite interior design board. And don’t forget to explore our Pinterest boards for more Modern Floor Lamps ideas and inspiration. Subscribe our newsletter and get to now our weekly best features.

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