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Modern Lighting Ideas: Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps

Simplify Without Losing Any Quality.

The simplest things are often the most beautiful. These Modern Lighting Ideas are focusing on minimalist mid-century lighting designs that are the ultimate perfect pieces to give a unique minimalist glamour to your exquisite mid-century modern living room, but always with a touch of alluring simplicity and beauty.

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Modern Lighting Ideas Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps

Called Amy, this vintage modern floor lamps are ideal for a minimal environment. Inspired by the amazing British jazz singer, it is an omen of relaxation and comfort in your life. This is one of the best modern lighting ideas you have seen right? And we are so proud of Amy!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Modern Lighting Ideas Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps_

If you are fond of pieces with a historical background, this one is for you! With an elegant and clean design, the Turner lamp is inspired by the worldwide famous singer Tina Turner. This delicate and graceful work of art is the definition of minimalism. This mid-century style floor lamp has large arcs that are possible to rotate to whatever position you would like. It is the ultimate choice for a desirable and immaculate environment.

Modern Lighting Ideas Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps

Inspired by an American trumpeter legend and composer, the Miles modern floor lamp is a combination of sophistication and elegance, that will bring exactly that to your living room. Fun and beautiful to look at, this lamp is the ideal choice for a musician!

Modern Lighting Ideas Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps

Let us fly to New York for a quick minute and look at one of the most iconic modern lighting ideas, shall we? We are walking the streets of the 20th century New York, where in every corner happiness and entertainment are present! Where singers perform and bringing joy to all their audience. How do you feel? This lamp is the physical creation of the very answer to that question. Sinatra radiates the colors of our soul while listening to a beautiful jazz. With the red, yellow and blue, this ethereal lamp sticks to the mind of anyone who glimpses at it.

“Less is more.”

Modern Lighting Ideas Find All About These Minimalist Floor Lamps

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