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Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

Switching from your regular incandescent lightbulbs to LED light is more important now than ever. And today we’ll continue to make our case and show you why you should get rid of all your old incandescent lighbulbs and get a few amazing LED ones. And if you still don’t know which lightbulbs to choose for your new home or interior design project, we also have a few suggestions. So make sure to keep reading.

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Believe us when we say that choosing to use LED lights has several benefits. These include saving money on your electric bill, having a superior light quality wherever they’re installed, less impact on the environment and you’ll only have to replace bulbs once every decade or two instead of year after year.

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

However, there are many more reasons why you should switch to LED light today:

LED technology converts 95 percent of the energy to light and only 5 percent is wasted.

As opposed to incandescent lightbulbs, which convert only 10 percent of the energy into light, while 90 percent is wasted as heat!!!

You’ll have a wider flexibility in light direction.

All the light produced by an LED is directional or focused, something that is not true about incandescent bulbs, which throw light in all directions. Directional light makes the LED more efficient because the light can be focused for specific applications.

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

Photo ©: Philips

You can use LED light strips to illuminate specific features in an interior design. Additionally, the light produced doesn’t get lost or wasted inside of the light fixture housing, as it does with many incandescents and even CFLs.

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

Photo ©: Internet Billboards

You can also opt for using LED spotlights, which are also a very commonly used way to direction light with LEDs, creating a very non-evasive ambience. Perfect for offices and even your own home, for a cozier light setting.

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

You can use LED lightbulbs pretty much anywhere!

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

Photo ©: DelightFULL

There’s actually no limits as to what you can do with LED technology. Not only can you have all those cool features like the light strips and spotlights, but you can also keep your floor lamps, table lamps, and suspension lights. The only thing you’ll have to do is buy an LED lightbulb for your existing lighting fixtures and you’re good to go! And with LED prices coming down every year, it’s even easier for you to adapt to a more sustainability-driven lifestyle.

But if you’re still not convinced, let us show you a few more infographics that will surely make up your mind. Because there’s literally only advantages when switching to LED.

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

Why You Should Switch to LED Light Right Now

So, are you ready to make a change, save money and help the environment?

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