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The Best Functional Lighting Design For Your Workspace

Brighten up your place of work!

We all know that we need to have enough light at our workspace because we can’t focus in the dark. A good lighting design is important to help the eyes during long days before the computer and to help us staying concentrated. This shows that lighting for your workspace needs to be highly functional. Let us show you some ideas about how you can create a perfectly functional lighting design at your workplace.

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Lets start with suspension lamps:

The best functional lighting design for your workspace (2)

You can use modern suspension lamps as a source of light for your workspace. But this type of lighting provides general light. If you need it to be at a specific spot, you should choose the following ideas.

The best functional lighting design for your workspace (1)

Another option for your workspace lighting design are wall lamps. But you should choose one which lampshade you can move to direct the focus of light directly to the point where you need it.

The best functional lighting design for your workspace (4)

Floor lamps are an option if they are high enough to spread the light on your desk. Like the wall lamp, it should be a piece with an adjustable lampshade. But you also have the option to mix a floor lamp with a table lamp.

The best functional lighting design for your workspace

The best functional lighting design for your workspace (3)

The last lighting design idea we have prepared for you are of course Table lamps. The classic solution for your desk can ideally give you the best light for you to work.

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We hope you liked our ideas how you can enlighten your workspace. What do you think about this collection? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment! You can find more inspiration about lighting and interior design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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