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Answered: The Mid-Century Style Is Back!

Shoot for the Moon!

Maybe you’ve been told (on more than one occasion) to shoot for the Moon, but only one person was the first to truly set foot on it. This mid-century style floor lamp is inspired by him, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Earth’s natural satellite. “One small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind”

Take the leap with us and learn more about the Armstrong floor lamp.

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Here we can see how well this mid-century modern design fits well with a minimal study design. This woody environment contrasts beautifully with the Armstrong floor lamp making it stand out and, who knows, inspiring you on shooting for the Moon with one of your projects.



The polished Carrara Marble and steel lamp base is an optimum blend of neutral colours, turning it into one of the best modern floor lamps for a minimalist but yet exquisite feel.


The brass body and arm are perfect for a mid-century style layout, and still making it capable of reaching a height of 59.1 inches.



Answered: The Mid-Century Style Is Back!

If a darker tone is more of your thing with mid-century lighting designs, the Armstrong floor lamp can also come with a black shade and base.

modern floor lamp Meet Rolo The Modern Floor Lamp That Has Petals! imgpsh fullsize 7 2

Answered: The Mid-Century Style Is Back!So versatile that it still fits nicely in a colourful mid-century style bedroom set. The dark Armstrong contrasts delightfully with the pink and purple wall and blends seamlessly with the dark carpet.

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