Two Handcrafted Sconces to Dress Up Your Walls Capa Press bl

Two Handcrafted Sconces to Dress Up Your Walls

Originally created to hold candles, Sconces are now available in numerous styles, sizes and shapes. They’re the perfect choice for narrow spaces, such as hallways, or to complement any particular aspect of the room, like a piece of artwork. Any room can benefit from a Wall Sconce, and since the options are unlimited, you can go for a slender wall torchier with clean, straight lines for a modern look; or maybe chose an oversized cast iron fixture to provide ample ambient lighting, while lending a rustic look to your space. Sconces are great for flanking paintings, bathroom mirrors, and headboards, as well as adding light to a reading nook without a table. They’re also helpful in small entryways, hallways or staircases where floor space is minimal.

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