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High-End Furniture In The Big Apple – Mid-Century Inspiration

High-End Furniture Available For Every New Yorker!

Today at Modern Floor Lamps, we want to give you something special so that you start your week in the best way possible! Today we explore the development of high-end furniture in New York with a touch of mid-century inspiration.

We will analyze three main categories:

  1. Best High-End Furniture Showrooms;
  2. Best High-End Furniture Interior Designers;
  3. Best High-End Furniture Craftsmanship.


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1 – Best High-End Furniture Showrooms


A true and authentic New York City-based gallery, showroom and manufacturer, Matter has a national and international design presence. Matter, is often times seen as the perfect brand to see what the current design trends are. Seen as the epicenter for contemporary interior design, Matter is a one-stop shop for any design enthusiast.


ABC Carpet & Home

high-end furniture

In need of a touch of mid-century inspiration? Then look no further, ABC Carpet & Home gives you high-quality craftsmanship with creativity and quality that is on par with the best in the world. With sustainability also being one of it’s strongest traits, this showroom brings a healthier home and planet to everyone.

MoMa Design Store

high-end furniture

MoMa is the result of The Museum of Modern Art‘s hard work and dedication into bringing architecture and design to the New York population. With a very unique and selective taste, MoMA only showcases the upper-echelon of arts.

Covet NYC

high-end furniture

What happens when you combine some of Europe’s greatest modern interior design brands? You get magic, and also, Covet NYC. A coveted and unique project that features brands like Boca do Lobo, Brabbu, DelightFULL, Essential Home, Luxxu, Circu, Pullcast, Rug’Society, Foogo and Koket.


high-end furniture

Modern and contemporary design have been the cornerstones for Knoll, a showroom that showcases the best modern design worldwide. With continuous support by design professionals, their passion and dedication are shown first hand to every and any customer that walks in.

2 – Best High-End Furniture Interior Designers

Thomas O’Brien

high-end furniture

Creator of Aero Studios, Thomas O’Brien creates modern interiors with a touch of vintage to give it a more iconic and unique taste. With worldwide notoriety, O’Brien was able to establish partnerships with American brands. With private residences as his main focus, O’Brien was able to expand and influence more mainstream hospitality projects, for instance, an Emporio Armani boutique.

Dan Fink

high-end furniture

Dan Fink Studio has that high-end furniture that is deeply rooted in history, art and the American way of life. His furniture pieces serve as testaments to the American culture, with high-quality craftsmanship has one of its value points, Dank Fink is a well-known name in the classic and modern design world.

Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson are two giants in the interior designers that took the interior design world by storm. A joint project that is Drake/Anderson, this project brings sophistication into the world of interior design. With high-end furniture styles ranging from Modernism to historical periods, Drake/Anderson is a joint project that has a vast influence throughout the design world.

3 – Best High-End Furniture Craftsmanship

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The United States has a huge and rich tradition and heritage that is the result of various cultures that were present during the United State’s conception. With the working class, blue-colored jobs being the backbone of America, it’s only natural that high-quality craftsmanship technics and styles all come together and help create something amazing.

Portraits of the American Craftsman serves as the perfect testament to the high-end furniture and high-quality craftsmanship that the United States is known for.

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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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