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Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

Peter Mikic is one of the great names of British Interior Design. Born in Melbourne in Australia, Peter Mikic moved to the United Kingdom in the ’90s and it was in Britain that he became a prominent figure within the Design Industry, but first, he started in the Fashion Industry where he worked with several of the top fashion designers in Europe! Modern Floor Lamps Blog is here to let you know all about the designer, are you ready? Come and find out more about the projects!

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Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

His grandiose past in the Fashion Industry has a tremendous influence on his design style and grand capacity for creating playful and versatile designs that often step out of the box. This professional past also led him to gain considerable knowledge of materials, product design and detailing that prove essential in his line of work and that allowed him to stand out from the competition. Today, Mikic currently works with a talented team of architects and designers that help him fulfil his vision. They work as an extension of his design vision and have helped him produce some of the most stunning projects of his fantastic portfolio that includes incredible private residential, private jets, yachts, gyms, corporate projects and commercial restaurants.

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Mikic has a customary flair for colour and texture and that can be seen in most of his projects. He is known for his playful yet versatile designs, his understanding of space, movement and development and his fresh and elegant style. No wonder that all of his projects share an incredible sense of luxury and quality! With a modern approach but always following his particular style and with incredible attention to the use of textiles and use of space, Mikic and his Team always deliver the perfect style for any briefing.




Peter Mikic brings his unique, elegant and timeless style and creates sumptuous, comfortable homes that are full of passion and playfulness. Working with our clients to ensure each design is individually tailored to deliver creative, beautiful solutions for everyday living.


Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic


Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

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Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

This family home in Islington, London brings colour, energy and elegance together in the way that Peter Mikic does best. Original features such as concerning and the quirky Moorish arched doorway on the top or landing were restored. A bank of large Crittal windows frames the garden so that it feels like part of the living space. Mikic’s choice of dusky pink for the sitting room’s walls provides the perfect contrast to the Mary Weatherford neon-lit abstract painting and the original upholstered Larsson armchairs. Mikic worked with local artisans to create bespoke elements such as subtle leather handles for the bathroom cabinet doors and the platinum backed mirror in the reception room, designed by Mikic to “bounce light around the room and feel like a piece of art in itself”.


Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

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Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic


Inside The Colorful World of Peter Mikic

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