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5 Inspiring Modern Living Room Decorations For Your Home!

Feel inspired by these Living Room Decorations

Give your living room a fresh look with these inspiring living room decorations. Alongside these great examples, we will also pair floor lamps that would go along with these nicely with these living room decorations!

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living room decorations

Throughout this article, we will combine modern living room decorations with modern floor lamps, in the hopes that, you will feel inspired and maybe want to redecorate your living room thanks to us.



This modern living room features traces of that classic mid-century influence. See those golden traces along the furniture pieces? Those classic golden lines are a sign of the mid-century influence.

Miles Floor

Miles floor lamp is the perfect floor lamp to go alongside this living room decor. A classic mid-century influenced floor piece that features that beautiful contrast between black and gold, perfect for this living room setting.

Now, this modern living room decor is the gold-standard for most modern mid-century living room decorations. You have the velvet sofas paired with wooden materials, with a rug covering the larger area of this living room.

Sinatra Floor

Sinatra floor lamp has that classic mid-century New York aesthetic, a perfect piece that embodies the best characteristics of the mid-century style. A piece that is actually featured in the living room that we showed you.

living room decorations

This living room decor features a perfect blend between the modern living room look with the laid-back decor of mid-century Los Angeles. Going for more natural elements, like wood is a perfect example of that, alongside white pallets.

Coltrane Floor

living room decorations

Coltrane floor lamp is the rit fit for this living room decor. With a more contemporary and provocative design, Coltrane is most definitely a piece that could pair very well with this living room.

Our final living room features that a classic, deeply rooted, mid-century style. Ceramic elements are paired with glass and velvet, creating that mid-century style perfectly.

Hanna floor

Hanna floor lamp features that deep mid-century vibe and that’s something most people will agree. With marble and brass elements combined, creating that perfect mid-century floor piece that can be paired with this living room beautifully.

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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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