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Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman’s LA House Set

Like the other unique interior design sets in the movie, Rocketman’s luxury mansion in LA was fully created by the set decorator, Jude Farr, who was also the responsible for other incredible scenarios in The Kings Speech, First They Killed My Father, American Sniper and My Week with Marilyn. Discover which one of our favorite floor lamp has entered this great cinema piece!


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When thinking about the perfect LA scenario for the Rocketman movie, set designer, Jude was pretty selective with the furniture and luxury lighting combinations that he decided to place in this that is one of the most iconic sets in the movie. This luxury design mansion was considered to be one of the ultimates residences at that time, due to its art deco inspirations, fabulous furnishings, and unique lighting designs, that when combined together truly reflect Sir Elton John‘s eccentric personality!

Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman's LA House Set

Before we go talk about the good stuff, let us recall the iconic story of the Rocketman movie that marked last year’s Oscars ceremony. This great mid-century base film shows the life of the singer, songwriter, pianist, and rock legend, Sir Elton John in his breakthrough years.


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Rocketman gives you the chance to see the singer’s lifestyle from his early childhood to his early days as a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music onto his musical partnership with Bernie Taupin and his conquering of the USA, and of course all of the beautiful interior design sets that marked those times.


Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman's LA House Set

Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman's LA House Set

Rocketman‘s luxurious residential scenario in LA, as actually was filmed in on location in Brookman’s Park, Potters Bar, north London. To add that cool and collected vibe of LA’s authentic feel, the luxury house was not only dressed with some trendy mid-century modern lighting, accessories, and furnishings but also embellished with some real palm trees in the outdoor area. To complete the house’s living areas, Jude added some interesting lighting pieces, such as the Matheny floor piece created by DelightFULL’s designers. This unique floor lamp incorporates elements of progressive, mid-century, and contemporary design.

Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman's LA House Set

Recall The Unique Floor Lamp That Starred Rocketman's LA House Set

Matheny stilnovo floor lamp came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling, by gathering influences from American jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. Going as tall as 65 inches, this tall floor lamp is composed of geometric golden tubes that reflect the sophistication of the mid-50s, perfect for the Rocketman’s timeline. With a structure handmade in brass and gold plated and glossy black finishes, this elegant corner lamp provides high-quality craftsmanship. Ideal for a classic living room with a modern design and for hotel projects, place this mid-century floor lamp as a centerpiece of art.





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