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The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners

Be welcome to another great day to contemplate DelightFULL lucky community and their mid-century modern fixtures.

Today we take a look on Germany and Vienna. These remarkable cities have DelightFULL all over them. The brand contemporary lighting can be found in well know places (perhaps you’re even in one of them right now). Check them below.


The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners (1)

The Sofitel Hotel in Berlin is part of the luxury offered in German (in the travel market). This one inputs all type of pieces in their décor but the best one is Matheny Round by DelightFULL like we see in this picture. This amazing craftsmanship work empowers the personality of the hotel. It is the crown of this kingdom. Of course, it was customized to fit perfectly in the mid-century style of the place.

DL New Product

The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 2

Maredo is a well-known group of steakhouses in Germany. In Berlin, if you’re lucky or run for it, you can enjoy one of the best meals of your life while you’re shone by the contemporary themed lamp, Coltrane. In a suspension or on the wall, the many faces of the Delightfull best seller will surround you, establishing the perfect mood to start a great night.

Now in Vienna, we must make a mention to Denis Koustic. The people behind this group are some of the most brilliant minds in architecture and interior design, here in a modern and edgy las vegas themed line full of light and charisma.

The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 4

Also in Vienna is established the Motel 1, another customer of graphic designs from DelightFULL. The “electric lights” gives the perfect mood at night for this awesome place, a great location in the city.



The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 5

Last, but not least, is the Hotel Sir Nikolai in Hamburg. The place as an incredible quotation of 9.3 in 10, one of the highest in Germany. One of the inputs to that is certainly the bold décor. With strong mid-century modern roots, Sir Nikolai has a Black modern floor lamp that balances the place to perfection, the Turner. Want a place like this? Maybe it’s time for you be a lucky one too.


We hope you enjoyed our article. What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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