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The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners

Welcome to another day where you will meet lucky guys who already have mid-century modern fixtures.

Mid-century modern is here to stay, that is an undeniable fact. So, the best that you have to do is really enjoy it and get it in your home. It is time to put contemporary lighting at the top and modern floor lamps on the floor. Check it out.


The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 1

The first one was done by Inspired Interiors in Illinois, with the amazing modern floor lamp Stanley from DelighFULL. This fixture is full of soul and groove, and the best? The custom option that you get. You can get in any RAL Color, different color in every shade, different size of the lamp, multiple finishes… really, it is your choice (so choose wisely). Speaking in wise choices, these interior designers are one of them.


The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 3

Maureen Stevens Design in this project had a great challenge: choosing the perfect home design style to the client. Of course that this company never fails and provide them with unique home décor ideas, shinned by Coltrane Floor, a DelightFULL best seller.


The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 2

Ready to yell for Simone?? That’s right, today we are all about the white and great pieces together. The merge solution of that? This magnificent lamp, in this, pictured powered by a magnificent hotel too: Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

The Lucky Ones – Mid-Century Modern Owners 4

Want to see Coltrane Floor in person? Easy, just go to UZCA store in Miami and check it, it is one of the stars in the place. And the place?… Well, it is one of the stars of Miami!

And because modern floor lamps are not the only thing in the mid-century modern style, and Coltrane as many faces, check the suspension version, chosen by Haven Interiors for this project in Wisconsin. You know what have in common the interior designer, the lighting company and this weekend? They’re all DelightFULL.


We hope you enjoyed our article. What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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