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When Jazz Meets Mid-Century Design It Creates Jazz Decor!

Mid-Century Design and Jazz Decor In Your Home!


Mid-century design and Jazz just feels like the right combination. Sharing the same time period, mid-century era and Jazz just complement one another and the end result is a vivid testimony of a period that once was.

Today, we want to give you a glimpse of that.

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When you picture Jazz decor, you can already picture a jazz club in the mid 20th century. Elegant and sophisticated, two adjectives that go hand in hand when talking about Jazz.


Moving on to a more personal level, your home. Decorating your home with Jazz infused design pieces can be an easy task, although, finding the right one, especially when talking about more ambitious furniture pieces, like couches or lighting pieces, now that’s a hard task to come by.

Thankfully, we got the lighting part covered just for you.

Miles floor lamp is the first mid-century design piece that we are going to mention. Miles is inspired by the great Miles Davis, this lighting piece embodies Davi’s greatest attributes, his elegance and sophisticated music structure that helped revolutionize modern Jazz.

mid-century design

Inspired by the great jazz singer Frank Sinatra, DelightFULL’s Sinatra floor lamp is the lighting piece that features the versatility that best describes Frank Sinatra’s discography. A mid-century design piece that can be part of any given modern home.

mid-century design

mid-century design

Our last tribute lighting piece is Coltrane floor lamp. A mid-century lighting piece that features contemporary influence in its design lines. A floor lamp that pushes the envelope of what is considered to be the mid-century design.


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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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