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Arabic Décor: What You Need To Know!

If you’re a fan of beautiful and ostentatious things then you must get to know the Arabic Décor! Wondering why? Scroll down and find more about this amazing culture!

You can easily recognize the Arabic Décor for its notable elements: luxury furniture, extravagant details, unique lighting pieces and warm and strong colors, such as red, orange and yellow. The amazingness of this style is that every interior design project is made to provide us the feeling of greatness and royalty. You always get the feeling that you are entering a different palace and that is a proof of the power and richness of this decorative style.

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Arabic Décor what you need to know! 1
Source: Pinterest

If you are already a fan of the Arabic Décor and you want to bring some of this style to your home décor you can start by adding, for example, patterns and mixed prints full of colors or even pack your living room with amazing and fun pillows!

If you wish to become an expert in this decorative style you must to have lots of lanterns or chandeliers made of filigree metals, that create amazing light effects throughout your entire house. And, you can also choose to have curved lines sofas and wood coffee tables and fill your details with golden and silver shades!

Arabic Décor what you need to know! 2
Source: Nonagon
Arabic Décor what you need to know! 3
Source: Pinterest

You mustn’t forget the importance that geometry and proportion have in the Arabic Décor! These two things are an inherent part of this style as they are the ones that define and standardize the entire decorative process! Everything is decided very carefully in order to have a coherent décor and all the details matching! Take a look at this bathroom: everything works in harmony with the proportion and geometry of the space!

Arabic Décor what you need to know! 4
Source: Pinterest

Another important thing is the use of colors! We have already told you that red, golden and orange are among the most used colors, however, you can choose to have a greener, brownish or bluer shade and still rock that Arabic Décor! The color you chose depends on the other elements of your house, such as natural light, space and furniture. In a smaller house a golden and lighter shade would go better!

Arabic Décor what you need to know! 5
Source: Pinterest

Finally, you must have hanging lanterns as they are an essential part in the Arabic Décor culture. Don’t forget that they have the most amazing light effects and you must consider them when choosing them. Nevertheless, if you are not a big fan of these kinds of lights and you rather have something more suitable to your tastes you can choose a modern floor lamp from DelightFULL! Check out the one we brought to you!


The Coltrane Floor Lamp has an old and mysterious vibe that would fit amazing in the opponent Arabic Décor! It has also the luxurious and warm features that this decorative style needs to have! Isn’t it amazing?


Arabic Décor what you need to know! 7

A lighting piece inspired by an Arabian conquest? That’s the Cyrus Floor Light: an original, magnificent, sober and exquisite piece that will not go unnoticed!


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