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Back To School – The Best Modern Floor Lamps For Your Kids’ Room

Back to school season is always a good time to change the décor with the help of these modern floor lamps.


September marks the back to school and a good away of “helping” our kids to focus on one more year is put new home décor ideas into their lives, particularly in their studying place (usually the bedroom). In order with that, we prepare a selection of five fixtures modern floor lamps that will inspire your child!




Diana is the modern floor lamp for our first choice, in this field. Is industrial vintage style sets the perfect mood for a home division owned by the youngest member of the family? The great thing about it (besides the awesome design) is the giant body of the lamp, empowering any division where she is. And you can choose any lacquer color that you want, with a beautiful glossy finish.


Back To School – Modern Floor Lamps For Your Kids Room 3

Another one with unique well-designed lines in a minimalist body is Herbie. Herbie represents the same sense of design has Diana, but it fits better for those who prefer a fixture more “comfortable” and full of functionality. If Diana is big enough to be seen by everybody, with Herbie is another type of lamp that fits in any corner with the exact amount of mid-century modern style.

Kids do not like classic, that’s a fact, so you might looking for contemporary lighting. If that’s the case, you should really point Scofield, a modern floor lamp piece, with “moving heads”, perfect to point the light focus for your needs. The unique lamp is so versatile that can be ready in a gold-plated finish or copper, or by another hand, a lacquer color full of fun, like the ones above.


Floor Category



If your kid is all about music and you’re looking for a unique lighting fixture that fulfills is inspirations than this Amy it will be the best for him. With such a soul as the great singer, the modern floor lamp presents a shade that remembers her hair and even a brass neckless, like the one she used to use. Great for music students (and all the others of course).


Last, but not least, we must talk about the Stardust. This craftsmanship masterpiece is the perfect example of how great a modern floor lamp can be. Is tubes (able for any type of customization) move so you can put it in different positions every day. Glamorous, yet simple, it’s one of those you will never forget. Achieve mid-century style now!



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