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Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

Here’s some of the best interior design firms in Tallinn you should follow right now!

When you think about Interior Design, Baltic Countries are probably not the first ones to pop up in your mind. But guess what, there is a lot to see and explore around there. In this article I will cover some of the Best Interior Design Firms in Tallinn and bring you some of the Estonian design wonders.

Catalogue Modern House NYC


Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

ARTKU was founded in 2001 and since then, this team of two amazing interior architects bring us elegant and sophisticated interiors. With a large portfolio, they are used to operate in residential and commercial areas. Discreet but remarkable, they are masters in finding architectural solutions to make any space more valuable.


Natalja Perova Interior Design

Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

Natalja Perova’s work is all about versatility! No matter the style or type of project, she is ready to creat the interior design of your dreams. From hospitality projects – as the ENZO Restaurant you will find below – to private residencescommercial areas or even offices, you can trust in Natalja’s decors.

Room by Room Inspirations

LimeHouse Design

Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

Looking for elegant and comfortable projects? Time to visit LimeHouse’s portfolio! The selected image is just a little detail to boost your curiosity… it is part of this interior design studio work at the “Merirahu Villad” luxury villas in Estonia. With your own eyes, confirm their amazing talent to create exclusive and sophisticated spaces in all areas of the house.


Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

OCCO brings you the best of two worlds! With this amazing team, you will be able to find THE house inside and outside. Yes, after selecting the best properties in the market, you will be able to furnish it with such a talented team to support you in all decisions. I’m sure this is the best way to turn your dreams into pure reality.


Best Interior Design Firms In Tallinn You Should Know

Some of the words that are usually used to describe AKO IN’s designs are: exclusive, glamourous, remarkable and fancy. Many others can be used, but I guess these ones are good enough to catch your attention. Perhaps, this is also that this design team is used to do. If you leave any commercialresidential or corporate project in their hands, you can be sure that they will deliver a unique proposal.


Scofield Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL



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