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Enter The Coveted World Of Covet New York!

Covet New York Showcases The Best European Brands!

Today we have a special treat just for you! We give you an exclusive look at one of the most ambitious projects to ever hit the Big Apple. An ambitious project that features some of the best interior design brands in the world: Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Essential Home, Luxxu, do we really need to say more?

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Located deep within Madison Avenue, this exceptional project, also referred to as “The Mansion” was the result of an extraordinary collaboration between Tessler Developments and Covet House.

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Covering over 150 square feet, Covet New York is a staple for the New York interior design world. A must visit for anyone that is part of the upper echelon of the interior design world. Every brand present showcases their most coveted products, and the result is a beautiful merger of styles and influences that make Covet New York a one of a kind!

Circu’s Bedroom

Each room of “The Mansion” features a piece of every brand. In this case, a children’s bedroom is perfectly decorated with some of Circu’s greatest pieces. Each brand showcases their best products in the best possible way!

Dining Room

The dining room features a perfect blend between Luxxu, DelightFULL and Essential Home. The end result is, a mid-century inspired dining room that features a fantastic chandelier and the Hanna floor lamp.

Hanna floor lamp is the perfect mid-century inspired floor piece. A perfect complement for any room in your home, if you are looking for a luxurious floor piece then Hanna is the lighting piece for you.

covet new york

The living room is filled with coveted furniture pieces, right from the sofa chairs, to the chandelier. An ambitious crossover of styles and brands that complement each other in the most flattering way.

covet new york

Covet New York is definitely a must-stop for any interior design enthusiast. Throughout these last couple of months, Covet New York has gained the type of exposure and notoriety to make it stand out!

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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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