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How Floor Lamps Change Your Decor

“Lighting has the ability to capture your style while also providing a purpose,” says Maggie Bailey. This quote has so much potential because it is very true. Lighting is serious business when you want to change your home décor. You need to be in the right mood and know exactly what you are going to need. With so many shades, styles, colors to pick on you need to be extra careful when the time comes. This is why, we’re here to show you how floor lamps can truly make a house, feel like a home. Stay tuned and scroll away!

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The selection of the right lighting fixture can be daunting especially without a designer. You can build a room around a lamp as you can finish the room around a lamp. It depends on how you’re taking your home décor. You want your lighting you choose the fit perfectly together. They can be from different styles, with different shades but they need to fit comfortably together.

How Floor Lamps Change Your Decor

Use scale to your need. Many of wonderful rooms I’ve seen seem to have something in common such as an oversized lamp or a cozy sofa. Placing a floor lamp can raise the results of your home in an instant.

How Floor Lamps Change Your Decor

Lighting can make the mood you want it to be. It can convey drama, happiness, the fuzzy feeling of perfect comfortableness. This floor lamp has the ability to change your reading corner or your living room.

How Floor Lamps Change Your Decor

Use the right lighting to draw attention to what you want. Some floor lamps, such as Duke by DelightFULL, have cone shades that can be adjustable. Feel free to change its direction and you’ll see the effects it has in your room!

How Floor Lamps Change Your Decor

Proper lighting can make a home. It creates the setting, the right mood, the right feeling. You just need to be sure in what you want.

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