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5 Italian Top Interior Designers Who Keep Surprising The World’s Design Lovers!

Get to know these 5  top interior designers from Italy and their work! These experts are responsible for some of the greatest design projects in the country, but also in the worldwide! Let their design ideas inspire you and find your favorite between the best of the best.


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Pelizzari Studio



Launched in 1991 each design project from Pelizzari Studio is completely personalized and made to measure, whether it be home, hotel or retail. Best defined as eclectic the aim of the studio is to amaze and astonish making every project being unique. Nowadays the studio has projects all over the world. And that’s why the Studio is one of the top interior designers in Italy.


Paola Navone


Second in the top interior designers from Italy is Paola Navone: born in Turin and moved to Milan later and is now a well-known Italian architect and interior designer. With an impressive background, Navone has designed numerous varied and incredible projects throughout her career. Her style is influenced by all her traveling and explorations and the designer is a big fan of mixing modern and classic elements.


Spagnulo & Partners


This architecture and interior design firm founded in Milan by Federico Spagnulo has amazingly done some impressive work in the interior design world. Covering the entire world of architecture and design, their activity is particularly focused on interior design projects for mansions and luxury hotels, both in Italy and abroad. Spagnulo & Partners was responsible for all interior design projects for the Baglioni Hotels group in Italy and internationally.


Fabio November


Born in Lecce, Fabio November moved to Milan where he graduated in architecture and opened his own studio, in 1994. With some remarkable work in various projects, November works with photography, architecture, installations and has numerous partnerships with Italian brands and is now one of Italy’s top interior designers.


Matteo Nunziati


Born in 1972 in Bologna and considered one of the most influential interior designers of our times, Matteo Nunziati specializes in architecture and interior design, especially in the area of ​​luxury hospitality and wellness facilities. He opened his first architectural office in Milan in 2000 and now, being one of Italy’s top interior designers, counts with a wide portfolio of projects all over the world.

On the basis of its success, there are three fundamental aspects: the extreme importance of the aesthetic and emotional value, the personalization and link with reality and the attention to quality in every detail. With renowned projects that have granted him awards, Nunziati is definitely one of the top interior designers!




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