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Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here’s Your Answer

The coolest vintage lamps

If you’re looking to decorate your home out with some classic styles, vintage industrial lamps add both richness and elegance. Though, styles come and go, the oldies are often the best when it comes to lighting, with some of the most enduringly popular designs dating back decades. DelightFull’s collection of unique lamps can set the mood and the tone of a room and has the ability to turn a simple four-walled box into a cosy, homely place to live.

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Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here's Your Answer


Amy vintage table lamp is a lighting design inspired by one of the greatest British singers and songwriters of all times. With a glossy black lampshade that resembles her iconic hair and a small brass detail that reminds us of her golden earring, DelightFULL was able to create an unforgettable reading light. With a gold-plated finish and a glossy black coat applied to the body, this small brass lamp is perfect for a vintage bedroom, or a retro home office.

Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here's Your Answer


A majestic tall table lamp, Donna has come to redefine everything we have ever seen in the lighting design world. Handmade in brass and Estremoz marble, both the body and the shade received a gold-plated finish in order to emphasize its luxurious characteristics. Probably DelightFULL’s most exclusive design, this gold desk lamp features elegant handmade details all around the shade, giving it a Hollywood glamorous feeling.

Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here's Your Answer


Duke floor lamp is for every single mid-century modern interior design, but always with a little bit of vintage in his design.  Each cone lamp shade is conducted by a brass arm and its counter-weight. The matte black shades drape on the sides to reveal a white interior and have gold plated accents at the sockets.

Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here's Your Answer


This tall standing lamp fits beautifully in a modern entryway or in a classic living room corner since it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic decors. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful statement, it looks modern, but it has a touch of the vintage years.

Looking For Some Vintage Industrial Lamps? Here's Your Answer


If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail in a mid-century bar, this lighting design will be there. A sculptural and versatile creation, the iconic modern floor lamp features three articulating arms handmade in brass that are adjustable in a variety of different locations in order to allow you to situate the lights exactly as you need it.

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