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Modern Home Inspirations: Metal Floor Lamps

Check out these Modern Home Inspirations using metal floor lamps. As you know, metal has been one of the most incredible trends these last years and 2016 is not an exception. See our selection of modern floor lamps and make your (hard) choice.


Mid-Century Modern floor lamps designed by DelightFULLColtrane standing lamp

Coltrane Floor Lamp by DelightFULL | Merely mention the name Coltrane and you will feel a deep connection with innovation and the expressive music in Jazz. Taking these powerful connections created by John Coltrane our designers have created a monumental design that will withstand time. With 3 iron tubes, it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments.

Jackson Floor Lamp delightfull

Jackson standing lamp by DelightFULL | Remember the unique way Michael Jackson used to place his hat and his incredible dance moves? Jackson standing lamp embodies all these key moments. A unique piece of design which combines luxurious finishes and exposed mechanical elements mixed with rhythm.

dl-light-building-750 tripod floor lamps 10 tripod floor lamps to your home designs dl light building 750

Modern Home Inspirations Metal Floor Lamps Modern Home Inspirations Metal Floor Lamps diana lamp by delightfull

Think big with Diana XL floor lamp: this contemporary fresh classic lamp turns any room into a giant colorful inviting space. Ideal for big lofts and artist studios, this creative floor lamp composed by a colorful lampshade in aluminum will give inspiration to any setting. Conceived in brass with the switch on the top, this huge Diana version is 2.3m tall. Can it be more unique than this?

Modern Home Inspirations Metal Floor Lamps scofield by delightfull

Scofield by DelightFULL | This is a very technical and functional lamp. The diffusers rotate allowing different light focuses. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum.

Standing lamps living room & bedroom designs brabbu

Niku Floor Lamp by Brabbu | NIKU is the diminutive of Nikumaroro, part of the Kiribati islands group, known as the Phoenix Islands. Surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU floor lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Through its gold plated brass structure, 8 glass light globes emerge representing the wide diversity of ecosystems that inhabit this remote island. This contemporary lighting piece fills your modern home decor with exoticism, creating a live and bright ambiance.

ike Modern Floor Lamps for your living room designsv

Ike Floor Lamp by DelightFULL | Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black, Ike floor lamp truly embodies what a Delightfull piece is an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. Ike is the result of a collaboration between a Dutch designer and Delightfull’s design team. Strict northern design rules meet a southern taste.

Mid-Century Modern floor lamps designed by DelightFULL Hanna Standing Lamp

Hanna Standing Lamp by DelightFULL | Hanna is a vintage floor lamp which suits perfectly a living room or a hall. Its structure made in noble marble reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco. As the jazz drummer Jake Hanna, this floor lamp takes the shape out of that voluptuous instrument. Its five lampshades are made in aluminum by artisans who apply delicately an ancient technique called hand metal spinning. Bathed in gold and white, it evokes a powerful retro ambiance. Full of grace and charm, indeed, it is a pure mid century modern lamp impossible to resist.

Mid-Century Modern floor lamps designed by DelightFULL Botti Standing Lamp by DelightFULL

Botti Floor Lamp by DelightFULL | Botti is the newest version of Botti family: it embodies all the details of wind instruments, transporting us to a real music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle. This outstanding piece has eight spotlights which offer a soft lighting, attributing simultaneously a cozy and sophisticated ambiance to any setting


Neil floor by DelightFULL is a reminiscent lamp of the golden years of space. Constructed of brass tubing using the classic method of bending the brass twice into a rounded oblong shape allows for bright and load casts of light holding spherical diffusers with a retro-futuristic style of that era. It has 3 arms with adjustable lights creating a versatile piece giving a good peripheric light range. The elegance of the continuous flowing center tubes gives a floating sensation to the whole piece, that would be perfect for a beautiful light living room or in a cozy lobby.

Learn how to use modern floor lamps in a mid-century home kendo floor lamp by brabbu

“By way of the sword”, that’s how Kendo is known, one of the ancient Japanese martial arts. KENDO floor lamp by Brabbu kept alive the samurai history spirit, illustrated in a contemporary lighting piece by the copper bars that resemble bamboo canes. The bamboo in KENDO floor lamp was designed to give balance and strength to its three copper directional lighting lamps, offering a deep and gentle pattern chosen by you. A contemporary lighting piece, KENDO will set the perfect rhythm in different kinds of living room sets or in any modern home decor.

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Hope you liked. Feel free to pin the images to your favorite interior design board. And don’t forget to explore our Pinterest boards for more Floor Lamps ideas and inspiration.


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