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This Is Halloween-The Spookiest Time Of The Year

October is marked by Halloween, one of the most traditional and most anticipated events of the year, dress up for Spooktober!

October, or Spooktober to some, is one of the most anticipated months of every year. Outside of the United States, European countries are also finding Halloween more and more entertaining year after year.

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Of course, our first example would be one of a modern floor lampDelightFULL’s designers decided to pay a tribute to Michael Jackson, by designing one fabulous piece that embodies rhythm, exposed mechanical elements, and luxurious finishes, never forgeting the inspirations of the 80s.

There’s is obviously Halloween inspired decor, the only problem is the quality and the lack of versatility that those pieces have. The simple act of just decorating a piece with a white veil is more than enough to get that aesthetic, without having to compromise your room or your wallet.

Outdoor decoration for Halloween is pretty much straightforward. The image above portraits a classic, yet practical outdoors Halloween decoration. Small bulbs with small cloths, with faces, are some of the most practical and useful outdoor Halloween decorations available to any budget.

Jack-o’-lantern, quite possibly one of the most original and unique floor lamps. One of the most unique and traditional lamps associated with a festivity. The possibility with a Jack-o’-lantern is incomparable to most lamps. A 100% handmade and hand carved lamp that takes customization and budget to a whole other level.


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