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What’s Hot On Pinterest: Scandinavian Style Bedroom For Your Home!

Scandinavian Style Bedroom In-Depth Look!


Another Friday, another What’s Hot On Pinterest, as is tradition. Today we take a look of what’s trending on this social media. When it comes to home renovation, and with Spring just around the corner, it seems like people are looking at the Scandinavian style as a perfect style redecorate their home.

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As we previously mentioned, with Spring in the way, Scandinavian feels like the perfect alternative style to look out for. With its simplicity and laid-back vibe and style to it, it’s one of those styles that everyone should keep in mind.


Take this Scandinavian style bedroom, for instance, a beautifully simplistic bedroom that most northern European countries love. Its simplicity is one of its main attractions!

However, due to recent trends, the Scandinavian style has adopted more luxurious aspects, allowing for a contrast between the classic Scandinavian style, with more modern approaches, for example, more luxurious furniture pieces, like chandeliers or chairs, that help adorn and give more personality and uniqueness to the traditional Scandinavian style bedroom.

Expert Picks


scandinavian style bedroom

Coleman floor lamp embodies the ideal mid-century modern floor lamp design. Inspired by the early 20th-century jazz legend himself, Coleman Hawkins. With a straight-forward design, the Coleman floor lamp features an all-brass body and an aluminum shade, plus, a steel and marble base, all of these parts can be, and should be customized to your liking.



scandianvian style bedroom

Herbie floor lamp provides a clean, mid-century contemporary vibe to any modern living room it is placed. Inspired by the amazing American pianist and keyboardist, Herbie Hancock. Herbie floor lamp features a mid-century design that is a staple of the design philosophy of the 50s and 60s contemporary look.


scandinavian style bedroom

Torchiere is self-explanatory, a floor lamp that captures the essence of a torchiere lamp. This floor lamp has a bowl-shaped part that directs the light upwards, covering a wider area than a conventional floor lamp. Torchiere has a mid-century contemporary vibe to it that makes this lighting piece seem timeless.

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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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