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It’s A Mad Men’s World Get The Mad Men Look Here!

A fan of the show? Get the Mad Men look here

One of AMC’s and television’s most coveted shows to ever hit the scene, Mad Men has won awards and hearts of millions of people around the world.

We wanted to pay tribute to this amazing show by showcasing some of their best sets and giving you our picks for floor lighting pieces that would look wonders!

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Mad Men is quite possibly one of the best shows to ever grace the silver screen and one of the best documentaries of the culture during the ’60s.

Showcasing divisive and important issues like racial tensions throughout the US, women’s rights, and political power struggles. While also highlighting certain events that helped shape their culture, John Kennedy’s assassination, the Moon landing, Martin Luther King’s assassination, amongst others.


Don’s Penthouse

To start off our list, we give Don’s penthouse a look. A classic 60’s New York penthouse that every person on Fifth Avenue dreamt of having. Given Don’s personality the interior decor isn’t really a reflection of his successes, rather, it humbles him.

The pieces are simplistic and aren’t flashy at all, a perfect reflection of Don’s personality. We have just the right piece for you to get this Mad Men look.

DelightFULL’s Sinatra floor lamp just screams mid-century New York. The perfect piece to get that Mad Men look, a piece you should definitely consider and a piece that would look great in Don’s penthouse.

Don’s Office

The place that has the most screen time, Don’s office is the place where early pitches are thrown and when brilliance is created. A subtle combo of a floor and table lamp would be the perfect fit for this office.

Amy floor lamp is the perfect fit for this office. Both Amy floor and Amy table lamp were wonders in his office. Subtle yet sophisticated lighting pieces that can get you that Mad Men look.

SCDP’s Office

mad men look

At the later stages of the show, they merged with their competitors to create a powerhouse agency. This is during the later stages of the ’60s where exuberance and sophistication are part of the office’s decor.

mad men look

mad men look

Inspired by the late Miles Davis, this mid-century contemporary floor lamp features a clean and sophisticated design, that brings that classy and elegant theme from the 50s. A floor lighting piece that is deeply rooted in the mid-century era.

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What do you think? Do you prefer other lamps? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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