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Lighting Tips: Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes

Lighting can have much more to do with design and decor than just illuminating a space. But, sometimes people misunderstood what lighting is really about. All too frequently, people consider lighting in their homes without acknowledging that it also has a place in home security, and the ability to make a room more cozy, romantic, or uplifting. So, today we are going to give you some lighting tips. Take a look and keep scrolling…

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You Aren’t Using Lighting for Protection

Lighting Tips Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes

Electrical timers can add an additional layer of security by allowing lights to come on and go off when nobody is home. Use motion-sensor lights to detect the presence of somebody who shouldn’t be lurking on your property.

Superfluous Use of Recessed Lights 

Lighting Tips Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes 1

Use recessed lighting where it works best. Try not to over-use recessed lights, and always add other types of lighting, e.g. a beautiful chandelier, stylish pendants, track lighting system, wall and floor lamps, etc.

Extra Use of Task Lighting 

Lighting Tips Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes 3

Task lights are beautiful and functional when used properly. Under cabinet lights in kitchen or sconces at the sides of a mirror in the bathroom are effective and look great. But install too many and you’ll get a cluttered and unstylish room looking like an operating theater.

You Fool Your Plants Into Thinking It’s Daylight

Lighting Tips Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes 3

The kind of light that you use to illuminate your beautiful arbor and patio needs to be pointed downward to accent the arbor, and not be so intense as to make the plants think it’s daytime. Consider colored lights, which tone down light intensity and accent more subtly.

Poor Lighting in Small Spaces

Lighting Tips Most Common Home Lighting Mistakes 4

People usually don’t give sufficient attention to illuminating places like pantries, larders or closets. We often install a single overhead light (which leaves shadows and dark areas), and then struggle every time trying to find something in there.

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