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5 Mid-Century Floor Samples For Your Modern Living Room!

The following mid-century floor samples are some of the best deals online that you have ever seen! DelightFULL and Essential Home have an online store that features the best deals when it comes to unique pieces that feature high-quality, European upholstery and craftsmanship. Prepare yourself to find the most amazing and budget-friendly price furniture and lighting selection with mid-century floor samples.


mid-century floor samples

We start with the Botti side table, a smooth and sophisticated piece of mid-century furniture. With a gold-plated finish, this side table is a stunning side table that any modern living room would love having.




mid-century floor samples

Need a single sofa or a stool to add to your living room but just can’t seem to find any piece that features a sophisticated and luxurious design? Then Florence stool is the perfect mid-century stool for you. One of the best mid-century floor samples at Essential Home.

One of Florence’s greatest attributes is its customization, you are able to fully customize the fabric and the color of the fabric, giving Florence a versatile and dynamic look to it that is unmatched.

mid-century floor samples

Konstantin center table is a sophisticated center table that shares similar design traits to DelightFULL’s Ike collection. With a brown smoke finish in the top glass, Konstantin has a clean and mid-century modern vibe to it that most vintage center table doesn’t have.

One of the pieces that can easily be part of the best mid-century floor samples, you can find many more in the floor samples furniture category.

mid-century floor samples

Now, we are going to take a look at lighting mid-century floor samples. DelightFULL was the original creator of the Floor Samples collection, later on, Essential Home decided to adopt the same category and offer a more budget-friendly range of products that were featured at renowned tradeshows.

Ike suspension is one of DelightFULL’s best-sellers, with an iconic look and design influence, there’s no doubt in our minds that Ike suspension in the floor samples category is a guaranteed success.

mid-century floor samples

We just had to feature a floor lamp in our mid-century floor samples category. Sinatra floor lamp is one of DelightFULL’s most iconic lighting pieces. It was actually the very first lighting piece that DelightFULL ever created. With a strong mid-century design to it, Sinatra is a standout lighting piece from DelightFULL’s Heritage collection.


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