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Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room!

Why An Arc Floor Lamp? You’re About To Find Out.

This astonishing home has an astonishing feature incorporated into it:  an arc floor lamp. The way it’s displayed to make a statement in this lounge area, makes it impossible for us to not get into it! So, why not make a list of all the benefits of having an arc floor lamp as a must-have in your decor? Read Along and Find Out!

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Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room! 4

In a modern home decor, some accessories are simply a must-have. In this case, this type of modern floor lamp makes an appearance to make this living room design pop out like no other.

Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room! 1

A simple and classic decor, this living room area has a taste of Autumn’s is its step. The wood panelling of the walls combined with the wood flooring makes this, while a bit monochromatic, a way to incorporate taste with simpleness.

Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room! 2

With plenty of natural light flooding the space, the arc floor lamp gives a sense of proper lighting while making a striking silhouette in all of the room. All in all, the arc floor lamp makes this minimalist living room feel vibrant and right.

Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room!

Adding the classy touch to the room, this type of floor light is the one you should use when you want to light a single space in your home interior decor. While natural light seems to be the source of light, in this case, the additional lighting provided by this floor lamp subtly lights up the corner and achieves the balance of the space.


Check How An Arc Floor Lamp Can Give To Any Living Room! 5If you are looking for the perfect lamp to make your living room feel like it just popped out of a magazine you can always add the charm of the mid-century modern floor lamp Armstrong. Inspired by the first person to walk on the Moon, Armstrong arc floor lamp has a minimalistic style with a clear usability, perfect for every single modern Scandinavian living room or office. Armstrong arc lamp can reach a height of 59.1 inches with the help of the adjustable balance arm. With a counterweight made of steel, this mid-century lamp directs light anywhere a task light is needed, providing an exquisite touch to your interior design.

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