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Get A Scandinavian Modern Home Decor With These Floor Lamps!

The Scandinavian modern decor has been one of the main design trends selected by the younger generations. With a simple, clean design and aesthetics, Scandinavian modern decor is usually associated with a more budget-friendly oriented plan. However, at Modern Floor Lamps, we are going to offer you the best lighting designs that are able to upscale and elevate a common Scandinavian modern design project.


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scandinavian modern home

The Scandinavian modern decor has been on the uprising lately due to a high demand in more simplistic and neutral furniture pieces. However, there is always room to have furniture pieces that do feature more luxurious characteristics.




scandinavian modern decor

Armstrong floor lamp is a minimalist lighting piece that has an assertive touch to its design. Inspired by one of the all-time greats in the jazz industry, Louis Armstrong. This is a lighting piece that is just perfect for a Scandinavian modern decor. With a premium look and feel to it, this Scandinavian influenced lighting piece features an all-brass body and an all-aluminum shade, with a marble base.

scandinavian modern decor

The perk of having a simplistic lamp like the Coleman floor lamp is that it opens up room for customization and spark a more of a personal side to this piece. Coleman is a fitting piece for any Scandinavian, Industrial, or any modern style home looking for a piece that will fit any setting imaginable. A Scandinavian modern decor needs lighting pieces like Coleman, simplistic, yet it features a sophisticated design.

scandinavian modern decor

This versatile floor lamp can fit in any modern décor setting. You can have it in a playful setting, a mid-century contemporary living room, a Scandinavian or an industrial setting. Perfect for a Scandinavian modern decor setting, Diana floor lamp is a lighting piece that you will most definitely love to have.

Honorable Mention – Monocles Sideboard

scandinavian modern decor

We decided to mix this up a bit. We chose Essential Home’s Monocles sideboard as an honorary piece, a sideboard that has all of the right key features to be present in any high-quality Scandinavian modern decor.


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