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LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

We’re big advocates of LED light because of how cost-efficient and eco-friendly they can be, and there’s probably no better example of that than the Philips Hue. So, if you think these pieces are everything your dreams are made of, but can’t bother to spend $130 on a pair of lightbulbs, then let us tell you that we’ve heard about some major news this week… And they’re pretty exciting!

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And the good news is your Philips Hue might be in for a very big rebate. This comes into light after speculation that Philips Hue connected bulbs have potentially assured the coveted Energy Star certification and, for that reason, can come to get more affordable in the future.

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: The Next Web

This certification could transform the Hue platform into one of the first connected lighting systems to qualify not only for an Energy Star badge of approval but also for several utility subsidies that would make upgrading to smart bulbs considerably cheaper than they are nowadays.

However, the exact amount of how much an individual bulb price might drop would depend on geographic location, energy provider, and retailer, but utility firms in the US are already guessing anything from $2 to $10 off. And this is just amazing, considering how different this connected system is from a typical light bulb!

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: Philips

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: Philips

And for those of you who’ve read this far but are not familiar with this system, Philips Hue is, in Philips’ own words, “your personal wireless lighting that lets you easily control your light from your device and create the right ambience for your every moment”.

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: Apple

And if this is the first time you’re buying yourself a Philips Hue light bulb, you should know have to buy the initial kit, which comes with a bridge that connects to your smartphone via wi-fi, letting you control every aspect of your new lightbulbs through the Philips Hue app or the new Apple Home Kit app.

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: Hue Home Lighting

LED Philips Hue Might be In for a Rebate

Photo ©: Just Add Music Media

So if you haven’t already changed to an LED light system, but you’re trying really hard to find an energy-efficient light solution and you’re a tech geek, this might come as your big opportunity to bring LED technology into your house and your life!

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You can check out the original news article here.

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