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Motel One Is One Of The Top German Hotels For Design Lovers

If you’re passionate about traveling and design, Motel One is one place you can’t miss to visit! Traveling the world is on everyone’s wish lists and you don’t need to renounce what you love the most: Interior Design! If you are visiting the marvelous city of Munich or Bonn in Germany, look no further and plan your stay at Motel One where you can find everything about it, from the inspiration to the actual design pieces.


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Motel One Is One Of The Top Munich Hotels For Design Lovers

We welcome you to the Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing. A hotel that comBines living and business in an urban yet green environment. In the heart of the north district of Munich, there is no better location. Where style meets comfort, at Motel One Munich- Parkstadt Schwabing you will be able to appreciate an interior design like no other! With its ceilings adorned with DelightFULL’s Botti Suspension, we can all understand the hype and amazing decor in this german hotel.

Motel One Is One Of The Top Munich Hotels For Design Lovers

The Botti Suspension Lamp takes us straight to a jazz concert, as this mid-century lighting design is inspired by the great American trumpet player Chris Botti. A tribute to jazz music . With its structure handmade in brass and boasting a luxurious gold-plated finish, this piece is a tribute to jazz music with its unique shade and design. At Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing this is the perfect hanging lamp for a sophisticated hotel lobby.

Motel One Is One Of The Top Munich Hotels For Design Lovers

Like the Botti Suspension Lamp, at Motel One Munich-Parkstadt Schwabing its visitor may also be able to see its sibling: the Botti Floor Lamp. Looking like a real trumpet due to its unique shape, this brass floor lamp has eight spotlights that offer soft lighting. A statement piece to any room decor, the Botti Floor adds a jazzy and mid-century feel to this hotel. As every DelightFULL piece, the Botti Lamps showcases the high-quality craftsmanship promoted and applied by DelightFULL.

Motel One Is One Of The Top Munich Hotels For Design Lovers

At Motel One Bonn-Beethoven another amazing lighting design can be caught. The Cannonball pendant lamp is a luxurious mid-century piece. Just like the Botti, the Cannonball has a unique shape and is handmade in brass and features a gold-plated finish.

Motel One Is One Of The Top Munich Hotels For Design Lovers

A modern and sophisticated ceiling lamp that takes the interior design at the Motel One Bonn-Beethoven to another level.


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