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3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

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Bedroom decor ideas are not easy to find. As the bedroom is a very personal space, sometimes it is not easy to follow trends and change the interior design of this space. However, don’t be afraid to express yourself and add a pop of you in such a personal and important area of the house. The bedroom is our safe place and it’s where we must feel like we’re home. For that same reason, the ambiance in which we surround ourselves must be the right one and the bedroom decor must align with your personality. Lighting designs can be the perfect way to revamp your bedroom decor! Take a look and gather some inspiration and start planning the renovation of your bedroom.

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Sinatra Floor

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

If you see yourself as a transdimensional person and think you’re not all about one specific style, don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and interior decor trends! The bedroom is all about you, so don’t be afraid to express yourself in all your different ways. Mix and match different styles to create the perfect ambiance for you. By adding a more industrial lamp like the Sinatra Floor Lamp to your room, your bedroom decor will be taken to another level.

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

The Sinatra Floor is the perfect addition to your bedroom decor if you are a fan of one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York City. Inspired by Frank Sinatra and the infamous song “New York, New York” with this lighting design you will showcase your interests and personality in your bedroom decor. A sculptural and versatile piece, this iconic industrial modern lamp features articulating arms handmade in brass. This task floor lamp exudes a mid-century modern flair that will elevate your art deco interior design.

Janis Floor

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

Are you all about the golden jazz spirit of the 60s? If so, you will fall in love with the Janis Floor Lamp! This is a great lighting design if you want to take your bedroom decor to another level, giving it a luxury and iconic appeal. If you’re not a fan of the jazz scene in the 60s but are a lover of art pieces you won’t be able to resist the Janis Floor either. A statement piece that will be for sure to be an eye-catcher and a conversation starter!

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

Inspired by Janis Joplin, this floor lamp covered in a golden bath makes a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. It is handmade in brass and boosting the high-quality craftsmanship known from DelightFULL lighting designs. This tall standing lamp will make your bedroom decor the best it has ever been.


Ike Floor

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

If you’re more of a minimalist type of person, there’re floor lamps just for you too! Match your personality to your bedroom decor and add a minimalist lamp to your wish list. A lighting design that is simple, yet breathtaking in all its form. One thing is for sure: you don’t need to lose style to follow the simplistic route. With simple modern designs, your bedroom decor will be revamped without it being too much.

3 Incredible Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your Modern Home Project!

The Ike Floor is the perfect example of a minimal lamp that is simply beautiful. Where the Scandinavian design meets the Californian mid-century style, the Ike is characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, With a minimal shape and clean lines, this 70s floor lamp is an elegant brass lighting design full of refinement and modernity, providing a warm and inviting touch to your bedroom decor.


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DelightFULL Classic Blue

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