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Trade Shows Not to Miss: Maison et Objet September Edition!

Maison et Objet September is just around the corner! You know here we love interior design trade shows and definitely one of our favorites is Maison & Objet. The event is less than in two months from now, so we’ve decided to make a little recap of the last editions, and tell everything about the Designer of the Year and September’s theme: “Comfort Zone”.

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Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (1)

DelightFULL and Essential Home have been attending Maison & Objet for quite some years now. And one thing is for sure… their stands are always some of the most unique and eye-catching ones you will see around the precinct. With a heavy mid-century modern influence, both DelightFULL’s lighting designs and Essential Home’s perfectly tailored furniture pieces introduce the wow factor at Maison et Objet.

Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (1)

Dandy sideboard is one of the most iconic pieces from Essential Home. It boasts a massive mid-century vibe, at the same time it has a few bohemian chic elements that take it to the next level.

Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (1)

DelightFULL’s Graphic collection has also been making a few appearances. At last year’s Maison & Objet, this art deco inspired ‘B’ swept everyone one away. Let’s just hope this year’s stand will be everything this one was, and even more. The truth is, we can’t wait to see DelightFULL’s stand at M&O!


Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (6)

This edition’s recipient of the Designer of the Year award is Tristan Auer. The French interior designer is inspired by the glamorous lifestyle of the 1920s and 1930s and outside France, he is pretty much known for his bespoke luxury interior designs. He works mostly with luxurious hotels and private residences, but it won’t be long until you get a proper article on Tristan Auer and why he is so amazing. For now, you can get a little taste of what you might expect from his wondrous works…

Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (1)


On the agenda: achieving physical calm and peace of mind. In response to our desire for rest and tranquillity, curves replace straight lines and shapes become more enveloping, becoming as protective as a snugly down jacket and as reassuring as a child’s favorite cuddly toy.” in Maison et Objet.

Trade Shows Not to Miss Maison et Objet September Edition! (1)

January’s theme was ‘Silence‘ at it couldn’t have been a better-chosen theme for the beginning of the year: a time for reflection and choosing which path we decide to take for the rest of the year. And this edition’s theme goes a little bit further. Maison et Objet is presenting ‘Comfort Zone‘. And even though we didn’t get to know much more than that until now, from what we do know, we are pretty sure it will be an epic theme.

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Hope you liked. Feel free to pin the images to your favorite interior design board. And don’t forget to explore our Pinterest boards for more Modern Floor Lamps ideas and inspiration. Subscribe our newsletter and get to know our best weekly features.

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