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We Thought Golden Floor Lamps Were Mainstream But These 3 Proved Us Wrong!

Want to know how to give your home setting a special spark? Keep reading to know what the best golden floor lamps are!

Well, 2020 isn’t going according to our plans so far! All the travel plans and parties we had planned were cancelled, and we’re confined to our homes. While staying home is certainly important to be safe, we know it gets a bit boring looking at the same walls every day. But now is the perfect time for a small redecoration! Feel free to play around with your furniture, add some wall art, get some greenery inside, … And inspired by what, you might ask? Definitely the roaring 20s! If we’re not going to the parties, the party mood will come to us! It’s time to get some light inside our homes with these best golden floor lamps!


In times like the ones we’re currently facing, keeping a bright and positive attitude is the key. While it’s not always easy, a distraction like a change in home lighting decor can certainly help, and if we’re matching our homes to the spirit of the crazy 20s, the more fun we’ll have!

Floor Samples

Golden floor lamps can completely change the look of our home setting, whether the gold comes in big or small quantities. Today, however, we’re showing you full golden floor lamps, as they give a big luxurious, glamorous vibe with no effort at all!

Botti Floor Lamp

Best Golden Floor Lamps To Light Up Your Home

The perfect golden floor lamp for your home family parties and, later, with all your friends as well! Inspired by the jazz musician, the Botti Floor Lamp by DelightFULL reminds us of a real trumpet due to its unique shape. It’s one of the best golden floor lamps for your mid-century living room, adding the extra sophisticated touch!

Brubeck Floor Lamp

Best Golden Floor Lamps To Light Up Your Home

One of DelightFULL’s most luxurious designs, the Brubeck Floor Lamp combines asymmetrical gold plated tubes in order to give the best lighting effect and represent the improvisation style of the pianist that served as inspiration. It’s a lovely golden floor lamp for your living room setting! Its elegant shape will blend in nicely with the rest of your home decor, while still standing out on its own!

Stardust Floor Lamp

Best Golden Floor Lamps To Light Up Your Home

Inspired by the cosmic orbits, DelightFULL’s Stardust Floor Lamp is a mid-century modern floor lamp whose goal is to light up your home just like stars do at night! We assure you this lamp will shine brightly, due to its bulbs arranged in the same way as a candelabra, and that it’ll add elegant beauty to your space! Another one of the best golden floor lamps, there’s no way this beautiful lighting piece will go unnoticed!

Now you’re completely ready to host a family scene straight out of the decade of 1920! With these best golden floor lamps, your house will look sophisticated and luxurious, and your settings will have a totally new and bright look! Which of these best golden floor lamps are you ready to take home right now?


Did you like our article about the best golden floor lamps that will light up your home?

CovetED 18 DL

Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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