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High-End Italian Furniture Features Timeless Classics!

High-End Italian Furniture Sets The Stage for Isaloni

To get you going for this upcoming design tradeshow in Milan, Isaloni Milano 2019, we wanted to write an article that showcases some of the best high-end Italian furniture of the industry.


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1 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Brands

2 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Designers

3 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Arts and Crafts

1 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Brands

Fendi Casa’s catalog features high-end Italian furniture in the most luxurious and coveted fashion. Part of the Luxury Living Group, Fendi Casa brings that classic Italian decor to your home.


high-end italian furniture

Porada features high-end Italian furniture in the most various styles. Offering a vast catalog thanks to the collaboration with renowned designers, Tarcision Colzani, Partick Joiun, Opera Design, to name a few.

Antonio Lupi features the passion and luxury that is characteristic of high-end Italian furniture design. “Tailor-made” is the best characteristic of Antonio Lupi, a collection of exquisite and coveted furniture pieces.

B & B Italia’s products have been a propeller for the worldwide recognition of the high-end Italian furniture market. B&B Italia furniture is a collection that best represents high-end Italian furniture in the most luxurious manner.

DelightFULL is a Portuguese luxurious lighting brand that is specialized in the mid-century style. With a wide array of lighting pieces, DelightFULL is able to accommodate any given modern home decor.

2 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Designers

Dimore Studio is specialized in high-end Italian furniture, perfect for the Luxury Interior Design world, Head designers Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invest in creating and uplifting the high-end Italian furniture market.

India Mahdavi’s name is often times associated with feminine, exotic and dramatic design pieces. A name that carries a global presence, Mahdavi brings that high-end Italian furniture essence into every single project.

3 – Best High-End Italian Furniture Arts and Crafts


One of the oldest and most respected arts of craftsmanship, making sculptures out of wood is as ancient as it can be. With a natural look and feel to them, wooden sculptures and the art of wood carving is something that has been respected and upheld to the highest level in the high-end Italian furniture world.

Metal casting is one of the most technical and costly craftsmanship in the design world. The process of melting metal and then folding and manipulating it to take the shape and form that you desire is something that is marvelous, to say the least.

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