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5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

In the days where working from home as become a reality in our daily routines, you need the right home office decor do keep you motivated. We know how easy and just laid back it can be, so that is why you should create a unique home office that would make any modern design lovers working routine much more productive. It’s a style that is being more and more valued by major interior design brands, so in today’s article, we are going to give you some mid-century floor lamps that are perfect for your home office decor!



5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

Miles is a floor lighting piece that is deeply rooted in the mid-century era. Featuring an all-brass body, with an all-brass shade. With that characteristic formal and executive design to it, perfect for any office decor. A base that has a blend of marble and steel. The Miles floor lamp is a handmade and customizable mid-century piece that can be an essential element to any home office decor that is looking for a piece that brings that elegant and sophisticated design.


5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

Sinatra floor lamp is an industrial floor lamp that is a versatile and easily customizable lighting piece that will fit in even the most demanding settings. Perfect for any given home office decor, Sinatra has that mid-century design rooted in its main design lines. Perfect for your modern home office decor.

5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

A floor lighting piece that offers a smooth lighting effect, and is able to be part of almost any interior modern décor. Coltrane floor lamp is part of one of DelightFULL best collections, the Coltrane collection. This floor lighting piece adds a more contemporary look to your home office decor that most lighting pieces just can’t offer.

5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

Duke floor lamp is a lighting piece that brings a mid-century vibe to any room it is placed. A piece that could easily be featured in any mid-century modern living room, this versatile piece is fully handmade and features an all-brass body design and three shades that blend between brass and aluminum. One of the best triple shade floor lamps in the whole market, Duke floor is definitely best suited for a home office decor.

5 Mid-Century Floor Lamps For Your Home Office Decor!

Herbie floor lamp features a mid-century design that is a staple of the design philosophy of the 50s and 60s contemporary look. A more humble and simplistic lighting piece, this one is best suited for a more basic home office decor. Don’t get it wrong, it offers just the same level of functionality and design as some of its counterparts.



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