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Modern Floor Lamps Ideas For Your Exotic Living Room!

Today at Modern Floor Lamps we want to give you something special. We are looking at exotic living room décors, and we are going to suggest a couple of modern floor lamps, and lighting solutions, that could work alongside and complement more exotic living rooms.

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modern floor lamps

With an enormous amount of different lighting brands available just a couple of clicks away, it’s only natural that some stand out more than others. Some bring unique approaches and styles that others try to mimic. With Essential Home and DelightFULL, they feature unique styles and designs that are provocative and intriguing.

Above, we have Essential Home’s Ivete Palm tree, unique brass and gold-plated lighting piece that has a unique design to it, and makes Ivete shine and stand out from other modern floor lamps.



modern floor lamps

We’re only going to talk about modern floor lamps. We are also going to be giving you a couple of tips for you to decorate your living in the most exotic ways possible. We can start by adding a couple of plants and vases, it will a more wild and natural look to your living room. You can also have rugs and wallpapers that reflect more ground elements. Go for more brown-ish colors.

Also, you should look for different fabrics that can actually enhance the sense, for instance, leathers and velvets are perfect if you are going for more exotic decors.

modern floor lamps

This exotic living room has a strong Arabic theme to it, and it has all of the elements you’ll need to form a more exotic living room. Raw materials and crafts that feature straw furniture pieces, and a brown-ish color scheme that just complements the décor perfectly.

modern floor lamps

If you’re looking for more luxurious elements we have you covered. Brabbu’s collection features natural inspirations, and modern floor lamps, that just fit with the décor seemingly. Leathers and fur is something that is essential to Brabbu’s Natural collection.

modern floor lamps

This is a mid-century inspired exotic living room that is the result of DelightFULL and Essential Home’s pieces. Modern floor lamps should be part of this déocr. We actually have a Sinatra floor lamp in the reflection of the mirror, a nice touch that could actually be part of the décor photo.

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What do you think? Did you enjoy our article on Modern Floor Lamps and Exotic Living Room? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment. You can discover more inspiration about interior and lighting design in the other articles on modern floor lamps.

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