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Room by Room: The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

A walk in closet is the part of the house that every woman dreams to have. With so many things to choose from what we really need is the perfect lighting. What more to choose from than a modern floor lamps? Come with us and see what we have in store for you!


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Room by Room The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

For a closet to be “user-friendly”, you need to be able to see what’s inside. Good lighting helps you distinguish black socks from brown socks, and allows you to find long-lost items in the back corners of your closet. The best lighting solution depends on how you use the space and the size of your closet,  but thinking about investing in good modern floor lamps is always a good option.



Room by Room The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

Remember that the light source should be between you and the contents of the closet. If it’s behind you, it casts a shadow on what you’re trying to see. Therefore, choosing a good light is essential for creating a welcoming space. Also remember that your beauty will only shine in a good light, and you should make a good choice between warmer lights and cooler lights, with warmer lights making the space more welcoming and the skin with a healthier tone and dark. All of these points are points to consider when choosing the perfect modern floor lamps, but also in the type of light.

Room by Room The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

A tripod modern floor lamp offers illumination and gives your walk-in closet a boudoir feel.




Room by Room The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

Make sure whatever modern floor lamps you use are code-compliant. Incandescent bulbs can be a fire hazard in small, enclosed closets. Compact fluorescent bulbs don’t generate the same heat and use less energy.





Room by Room The Perfect Modern Floor Lamps for Your Closet

Windows are another big factor to take into account when thinking about our closet, since they occupy privileged storage space. For closets, consider skylights with UV-protection and clerestory windows nestled under eaves that offer natural light and ventilation.


Covet NYC 2.0


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